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Neon Dreams Come True: Over 10,000 Designs to Choose From, All with Free Shipping Worldwide!

Custom LED Neon

Custom LED Neon Business Signs

Now you can have your brand logo in a special revealing light or design a customized neon light sign for your next event. An excellently-crafted LED Neon Décor will not only make your office more beautiful but also make you stand out. How about a neon business sign that captures your company name, logo, tagline, and/or mascot? You can trust us to deliver captivating LED Neon business signs for your business, irrespective of type or industry.

Start by uploading your logo, company name, and tagline/artwork on this page. On successful submission, you will get a quote alongside a neon sign mockup for your approval. This is to ensure that you get the neon business sign designed according to your taste.


Modern LED Neon

Check out our most popular signs packed with eye-catching LED Neon spread on a transparent acrylic backboard. The best part? You can easily install them.


UV Printed Signs

The instant ink curing using a combination of high-tech ultraviolet lights produce clear and concise UV Printed Signs. This, plus our modern LED Neon, effortlessly produces the most vivid and beautiful signs.


Color-Changing LED Signs

If you are a lover of variety, then our color-changing LED signs are for you. Using our advanced tech, we can achieve effects like chasing lights, changing shades, color fades, and rainbow color-changes, among others.


Custom-Shaped Signs

Some customers favor stars and rectangles while other favor circle and curves for their Neon Business Signs. Irrespective of your preferences, we will be delighted to deliver a custom-shaped sign that meets all your expectations.



Neon Business Signs

Get Indoor and Outdoor Customized Signs for your Business


Our past and present clients include several entrepreneurial outfits and multi-national brands, across almost all industries. Each time, we have delivered a carefully-designed and executed top-quality LED neon signs that tick all the boxes. From custom neon sign bars to beauty salons, cafes, workspace providers and wedding neon led sign , our modern neon lights have found diverse applications at different levels.


Our modern neon lights are built to be energy-efficient and lightweight, without forcing clients to break the bank. In addition to the attractive prices, businesses prefer the LED neon flex due to its easier installation and more durable build, compared to the traditional glass neon. Now you can save costs on installation – just unpack and wall-mount your LED neon light sign.


Feel free to get in touch with us for a custom neon business sign for your interiors, events, and other personal/corporate uses, including trade shows, sales, dressing rooms, and bathrooms, among other exciting possibilities.


Check out our photo catalog for our past designs or stay on this page for ideas on the type of LED Neon Business Signs you can get from us.


Neon Logo Sign

Neon Business Signs


Now you can fascinate your clients and customers the more by having your corporate logo enshrined in an eye-catching neon finish. These designs are cheaper, recyclable, durable, bright, and energy-efficient, making them an outrightly better alternative to glass neon.


Even the most complex logos can be designed into a stylishly-contoured neon light by turning the outlines of your logo into a beautiful neon light. Likewise, if you want a simpler neon design out of your already-complex logo, we will be delighted to simplify things for you.


Outdoor Neon Signs

Neon Business Signs


You will be surprised at how much an LED neon outdoor sign can do for your business. Our outdoor neon signs are weather- and water-proof, in addition to being UV resistant. It is common to find visible seal marks on the interior of the neon tubes. However, they are very safe. They help to keep the neon water-tight and are invisible once the signs are mounted.


What’s more? These handmade LED neon lights all come with a three-month manufacturer’s warranty, alongside CE, RoHS, and UL certifications.  



Custom LED Store Signs

Neon Business LED Signs


One of the easiest ways to sway potential customers is a customized, bright neon light. This is especially true for stores, pharmacies, bars, and movie theaters that want to capture the attention of passers-by on a busy street.


Our visual collection of vintage neon signs comprises the following:


  • Jewelry neon signs
  • Nail salons
  • Barber shops
  • Automotive neon signs
  • Tattoo neon signs
  • Spa neon signs
  • Medical neon signs
  • Psychic neon signs
  • Tanning salon signs
  • Neon bar signs
  • Real estate neon signs
  • Restaurant neon signs


The cheap costs of today’s custom LED signs with neon-looking LED flex means that even small businesses can get one for themselves. They are not only good for publicity but also transform both your inner and outer spaces. Get in touch with Neon Factory for your customized animated neon signs, on-trend letter signs, and beautiful neon arts.


Neon Window Signs

LED Open Signs


Neon Factory also offers different forms of bright LED neon window signs. These can be used to notify customers of opening and closing hours, (no) vacancies, promotions, and other window signs.


We will be glad to customize each design to reflect your business logo, or better still, craft a uniquely-design custom neon sign to match your preferences.


Animated LED Signs

Flashing Neon Signs


Whether you are interested in a color change, animated, or flashing LED Neon Signs, we will be delighted to come up with a design that reflects your brand identity uniquely.


UV Printing

Custom Signs For Your Business


UV Printing is a multifaceted signage option that combines both neon and sign printing. So, if you are interested in something unconventional, yet exciting, we UV Printing is the way to go. We will be glad to do a perfect UV printing in your preferred RGB shade and on any colored acrylic.



Why should you choose LED neon signs for your business?


  • More Options – From box signs to mounted signs, stands, and other forms of neon business signs, there is a whole lot of options to choose from.


  • Flexibility – Whatever your brand identity or logo is, we can convert it into a captivating illuminated sign.


  • DIY Installation – You do not need the help of an installation team to get our LED flex neon lights mounted. They are made of durable acrylic that can be mounted on the wall directly.


  • Affordable – We give you the most competitive market prices for the best-customized business signs.


We offer up to 15 colors – separately and combined - to choose from for your neon signs. Irrespective of the type, size, or shape of your neon signs, we will deliver something that fits perfectly into your space. Likewise, there are options of color change, animated, or flashing LED Neon Signs.


Your business signs can come in clear or black acrylic, ABS, PVC or aluminum panel with 3-6mm thickness, and other baseboard options. They are always packed with a 12V DC adaptor that connects them to a power source.


We ship finished signs in vibration-proof packaging inside a very durable outer box while partnering with reputable couriers like FedEx, TNT, UPS, and DHL to get the package to you in one piece.

What we promise you is what you get – energy-efficient, shatter-resistant, UV resistant, and recyclable LED Neon Flex Business Signs that meet UL, RoHS, and CE standards.