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Neon Dreams Come True: Over 10,000 Designs to Choose From, All with Free Shipping Worldwide!


Neon Factory generates both classic glass neon signs along with LED neon signs. It is your choice! Utilize our customizer to make and order your personal design at this time. .

Our customizer is the very best in the business. It is possible to produce amazing neon signs with multicoloured text along with amazing shapes including stars, skulls, hearts, palm trees, oceans and much more! And you are not Limited to just LED neon or glass neon, our customizer reveals you that the cost for both choices and lets you select which one you want to Buy

If you currently have a logo or other art ready for all of us to create into ribbons, or when you would like something made our semi permeable neon customizer isn't able to do, then don't hesitate to contact us through the form below. Our Custom Team will be delighted to assist you bring your layout to life!

We realize you would like a particular appearance, and we're going to use you to ensure that your customized neon sign is totally ideal. Neon Mfg. specializes in custom signs using lovely contour cut backings that provide the piece the tidy, high-end complete you're searching for. You are going to find a high excellent merchandise at the best cost, from a business that you can trust.

In Neon Mfg., we've got years of experience crafting custom neon and LED signs to satisfy our clients' vision. From fundamental signs to complete, multi-colour large-scale indications that emphasize your brand and place, our group of custom signal design staff possess the knowledge base, tools, and expertise to produce exactly what you want. We'll lead you through the full procedure and communicate with you at each step.

If you are from a business or brand that wishes to collaborate together needs a high number of custom neon signs generated at wholesale rates, we would really like to hear from you. We can adapt orders to the thousands.

Custom LED signals ship globally! They comprise the power plug and voltage requirements to your country!

Each customized neon or LED signal comprises; mounting hanging or hardware stools, a 6-foot electricity cable, and also a 110-volt transformer.

LED signals are made in and shipped out of China.

Each sign includes a 1-year guarantee on electric parts.

The most important difference between neon and LED is that aesthetic. Conventional neon is enchanting and has a nostalgic feel and look. Neon signs are made from glass tubing. The shapes or words are bent from parts of glass and parts of this signal are painted black to prevent those areas of the tubing from shining. This generates separations involving letters or layout components. Neon signals generally have observable wires and insulator caps in which the cable link to the neon tube. In addition they have a transformer that is generally mounted on the backing of this signal, and is observable. But, there are strategies to maintain the transformer from opinion, please inquire for more information if this is an issue.

Because of the delicate nature of glass, we could simply send traditional neon signs to the USA and Canada.

Nostalgic/charming seem
"Warmer" mild

LED is a contemporary alternative to traditional neon. LED signals are produced from a flexible tube which has multiple small LED lights using an opaque coating to diffuse the numerous factors of light into a uniform shine which mimics a conventional neon tube.

Our LED signals can be sent worldwide.

Appeared less than conventional neon
Generally less costly than traditional neon
More energy efficient/produce less warmth
No excess wiring or transformers required
Less delicate - travel well, perfect for trade shows .