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Neon Dreams Come True: Over 10,000 Designs to Choose From, All with Free Shipping Worldwide!

Wholesale Neon

You are importer, wholesaler or retailer and interested by the distribution of our neon range. Please contact us, include some information about your company such as your country, distribution channels, potential quantities. 

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The ultimate source for wholesale neon signs. Home to the world's largest selection of neon products, including custom neon signs, retro-style light fixtures, and more.


Neon-Factory has the best neon lights, accessories, and parts available on the internet! We offer brand new neon products at wholesale prices.


We are the best place to buy wholesale in bulk. We have a wide selection of products and stock, and we ship fast.

 If you have any questions, you can just send us a message. 


How should I distribute it in my country?

Which distribution channels are available for neon?

How much neon can be sold in my country?

What is the neon we are importing?

How many neon we have in our warehouse?

What is the distribution of neon?

What is the price of neon?

Is there any possibility to increase the quantity of neon?