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LED Neon vs Gas Neon



Eco-friendly :

💜What is traditional gas neon? 

It is now preferred to designate neon under the term "fluorescent tube". The reason for this is simple: it works by ionizing the products (gas) present inside. It is mainly mercury and argon, which undergo electrical stimulation and emit light. The neon gas is usually in the form of glass to enclose this famous gas. Attention, in addition to being fragile, they present risks to health and the environment in case of breakage.

❤️What is neon LED? 

Individuals tend to abandon conventional neon lights to use the more efficient models using LED technology.

The main advantage of a neon LED lies in its instant ignition. That's why many people use it to light garages, depots, premises, shops and many other places.

LED neon is also known for its low energy consumption. According to experts, this system helps you reduce energy consumption by 50% to 60% compared to conventional neon lights. In addition, we can easily recycle these systems. They are very ecological.

If we compare them to traditional neon, a neon LED is more durable. This system has a lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours.

And of course, the major advantage of an LED bulb is to save energy, since its consumption is around 2 watts. As a result, it goes without saying that the impact of such lighting on the environment is considerably reduced, as is the amount of the electricity bill.

To finish with neon LED, we would like to clarify that it is available in several varieties. Individuals therefore have a multitude of lighting possibilities, shapes and colors.


Low consumption
Do not heat
Not Fragile
Accessible price