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Neon Dreams Come True: Over 10,000 Designs to Choose From, All with Free Shipping Worldwide!

How much is a Neon LED Sign?

The common neon signal fee is about $600. Neon signal cost ranged from $2 hundred to $one thousand for the United States in 2020. 

But as we are a factory, it cost only from 100$ to 200$ for standard size.

Custom Neon Signs

A custom neon sign is a superb opportunity if you’re seeking to create your personal brand. A neon signal might be some thing to your commercial enterprise, to your home, for a special party, or for your man cave or outdoor area. Neon signal costs will vary relying on how huge the signal is, what number of letters could be used, and the complexity of the graphics.

Decorating Your Establishment with Neon Lights Is the Way to Go!
For the cost of a easy newspaper ad, a custom neon signal will constantly work on your business year after year. And the newspaper ad? Thrown away, immediately to the recycling bin.
A vivid, well-placed neon sign can speedy get income by way of bringing interest to your excessive margin products or items. It doesn’t depend what type of enterprise you run–a neon sign is a effective and essential tool that assist you to raise your sales and get extra customers inside the lengthy run!

Neon Sign Benefits

The reasoning at the back of so many companies making use of neon signs and symptoms are the clear advantages to showing a neon sign. Neon signs and symptoms are noticeably seen day or night, from a long way or close-up and exterior or indoors, meaning accelerated visibility and extra importantly income.

Benefits Of Neon Signs

There are plenty of benefits of having a custom neon signal designed in your business signage including:

• Neon symptoms may be molded into almost any layout, shape or size
• Neon signs are very hardy
• They are extremely seen day or night
• Saves as much as 60% greater power compared to standard lights
• Attracts potential customers to your commercial enterprise
• They can last up to 10-12 years when nicely maintained
• Gives off a warmer mild than LED signage
• Can be used interior or outside
• The maximum visible type of signage

Neon Sign Uses
There are loads of uses for neon signs, and you can go along with beautiful designs that are mild-hearted and refined. At Neon Factory Signs we use the cutting-edge system to ensure you get neon light signs that remaining and remove darkness from your commercial enterprise. We can customize the layout to ensure to electrify your customers, and your brand is sufficiently represented. When you want a custom neon sign, go with the specialists at Neon Factory Signs, and you'll note the difference inside the pleasant of work and the professional way in which we handle each neon signal. We are very direct approximately timeframes and fee of our neon signs, and we will solution any questions that you could have.