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Tron TRX neon sign All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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Tron TRX neon sign

Designed by Marcus Attilius
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Tron TRX neon sign

This Tron TRX led sign will be printed on acrylic sheet, using a top-notch printer. Then we add the neon led to create for you a masterpiece of wall art. Tron TRX  neon wall sign is mounted on a sheet of acrylic with ready-to-hang backing. Tron TRX  fan art lights come with a remote that offers a range of brightness settings, an ON & OFF option, and Party Modes.


Acrylic, LED, PVC

Wider side : ~20 Inches (50 cm)

The new COLD NEON technology makes possible to create the neon-look lamps using the flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside.

Having same effect as a real glass neon sign, LED neon is completely safe.

Touchable - low voltage (12V adapter included) allows it to be used even with kids
Non-fragile - unlike glass neon, LED technology is durable
Power cord - 2 meters long and comes with your country plug.
Up to 50 000 Hours lifetime
Indoor use only

Remote control included

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Tron TRX led light sign

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Tron TRX neon sign is Designed by Marcus Attilius - Sold by NEON FACTORY

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