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KTM Racing neon sign All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

KTM Racing neon sign

Designed by Fredcardesign
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The KTM Racing neon sign is the perfect addition to any garage, man cave, or office. The bright and vivid colors will add a touch of excitement and personality to your space.

KTM Racing neon led light

Acrylic, LED, PVC

The size of our KTM Racing neon signs is about 20x6 in (50x15 cm)

Touchable - low voltage (12V adapter included) allows it to be used even with kids
Non-fragile - unlike glass neon, LED technology is durable
Power cord - 2 meters long and comes with your country plug.
Up to 50 000 Hours lifetime
Indoor use only
Free remote to turn it ON/OFF and control brightness and other mode.

KTM Racing neon signs

If you like : KTM Racing,car,cars,garage,dad cave,man cave,racing, this is the perfect idea for your garage or mancave.


Watch our examples of cars logo neon Sign on YouTube.

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