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Eththefed! neon led sign All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Eththefed! neon led

Designed by MKUltra
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Eththefed! neon led

Bitcoin led sign - printed and neon led

PRINTED ON ACRYLIC BACKING. UNIQUE Cryptocurrency FANART for your wall. 

Acrylic, LED, PVC

Wider side: ~14 Inches (~35 cm) 

The new COLD NEON technology makes possible to create the neon-look lamps using the flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside.

Having same effect as a real glass neon sign, LED neon is completely safe.

Touchable - low voltage (12V adapter included) allows it to be used even with kids
Non-fragile - unlike glass neon, LED technology is durable
Power cord - 2 meters long and comes with your country plug.
Up to 50 000 Hours lifetime
Indoor use only

Remote control included for this Cryptocurrency led sign

Bitcoin,Cryptocurrency,End The Fed,Ethereum,Libertarian,Libertarianism,Ron Paul,Defiled wall 'Art' sign. End The Fed wall 'Art' neon led sign. 


Watch our examples of Ethereum fanart printed on acrylics and Libertarian neon led 'Art' work on youtube.


Choose your Neon color: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue or Pink
(In cart, write the color you want in the field 'Add a note to your order')

Eththefed! LED sign

Eththefed! wall sign

Eththefed! wall sign

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better than the picture

Look better than the pictures. im happy with my purchase

Fast shipping

This neon sign look great in my man cave.

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Defi, End The Fed, Ethereum, Libertarian, Libertarianism, Ron Paul

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