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Chevrolet dad garage sign All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
Chevrolet LED Neon Light Sign All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Chevrolet LED Neon Rope Light Sign

Designed by Sattareh Gulestani
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Your dad's garage is an eyesore and he deserves a lit up sign that everyone can see. With our LED Neon sign, your dad can show off his pride and joy in this very public space!

Acrylic, LED, PVC

20 Inches  (~50 cm) 

Bar Garage Man Cave Decor


Touchable is a neon sign with a difference - it's touchable! Touchable is an LED neon sign that doesn't crack or break and can be used with kids. Touchable is powered by low-voltage, so it's safe to use with kids and adults alike. With Touchable, you can create personalized messages for your home or business in an endless combination of colors. It's the perfect way to create ambiance, promote a business

Remote control included for this garage  Neon Sign made with LED

COLD NEON technology is an innovative, cutting-edge design that enables you to create the perfect light for your home. These neon-look lamps are made with high quality silicon tubing, which holds a strip of LED lights. The tubes can be bent and shaped into any desired form: a table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light. The new Cold Neon lamp is the eco-friendly, mercury-free alternative to traditional neon lighting. For the same effect, but NO radiation and harmful mercury!

Watch our examples of mancave and daddy garage Neon Sign on youtube.


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Chevrolet LED Neon Rope Light Sign is Designed by Sattareh Gulestani - Sold by Sattareh Gulestani

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