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Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Neon Signs

Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Neon Signs

On this page are the most common questions we have received from past and present clients, alongside detailed answers to each of them.

  1. Why should I choose Custom Neon over other LED Neon Light Sign providers?

There are many reasons to buy your LED neon light sign from us. First, we make all our LED neon light signs manually using LED neon light tubes. The base materials are not only environment-friendly but also safe for even kids. Here are other reasons you should choose us over other LED Neon Light Sign providers;

  • We offer quality products at the most competitive market prices. We are always ready to beat a similar customized sign quote by 10% less.
  • For each of our products, you enjoy a 12-month manufacturer warranty. This covers indoor use only.
  • Our products are durable, all thanks to the latest neon flex technology used in them. This makes them stronger and lighter than the conventional glass neon.
  • Our custom LED signs are designed to consume lesser energy, alongside a 50,000+ hours lifespan. They are also economical and environment-friendly.
  • We prioritize safety. Hence, we use only kid-safe neon LED light tubes in making our custom LED signs. The absence of glass means the LED lights do not heat up and do not cause injury due to breaking.
  • You need no installation team to get all Custom Neon signs up and running. You can simply hang or wall-mount them using the pre-drilled holes on them.
  • Each of our product comes with a sturdy build and are quite simple to clean.
  • Custom Neon Signs products are portable and lightweight. Hence, they are ideal for multifaceted uses, including weddings, bedroom decoration, and exciting gift ideas.
  • Our products give users a 100% control, with remote control and a dimmer that has an on/off switch alongside ten brightness settings. You can also choose among different flashing speeds.
  1. What are the base materials used in a Custom Neon™ sign?

In line with our commitment to delivering top-quality products, all our neon lights, lamps, art, and signs are made from the best LED flex around. This sets them miles apart from the conventional glass neon.

LED flex is made by combining PVC and acrylic cased in flex rubber tubing and powered by LED lights. This combination makes the LED flex products even more durable, safer, environment-friendly, cheaper, and safer when compared to the traditional glass neon sign.

Also, you can get the Custom Neon™ lights, lamps, wall arts, and signs in multiple colors, aesthetic designs, and on-trend quotes, or as a fully customized neon sign. They are also available in numerous backgrounds – UV printed, metallic, colored, or clear.

Depending on your preferences, you can mount our LED neon signs either on an acrylic stand or contoured backboard, a rectangular cutout, or encase it in clear acrylic boxes.

  1. What is the price of a Custom Neon™ sign?

Interestingly, our products are not expensive. You can get our handmade neon LED signs, wall décor, and lamps at amazingly cheap rates. A testament to our very competitive prices is our willingness to go 10% lesser for a like-for-like quote on a customized sign.

  1. Why do you offer such impressive discounts?

Despite offering the best quality products around, we keep our prices lower than our competitors. The simple reason for this is our resolution to not mark up prices like other suppliers. We want you to get maximum value for every dime spent.

  1. Why are Custom Neon™ signs safer?

We adopted LED flex over the glass in making our neon signs. This reduces the heat caused by LED lighting, boosts energy efficiency, and keeps the environment safe. It also increases durability while keeping the weight really low. So, transportation is a piece of cake, and mounting has never been easier. Lastly, each of our products is UL-certified.


Frequently Asked Questions - LED Neon Flex vs. Glass Neon

  1. What distinguishes the traditional glass neon from the LED neon?

There are a whole lot of differences between the two, as contained in the table below;


LED Neon Flex

Traditional Glass Neon


They are cheaper, and the light tubes can be easily replaced.

You spend much on getting one and even more on repairs and maintenance.


They are built to be highly durable by using high quality, flame retardant, and flexible PVCs.

They are made mostly of glass – a fragile and breakable component that could break easily.

Energy Efficiency

The power usage in LED Neon flex is relatively lower, at 24V/120V input voltage. Hence, they are safer, and you spend lesser on electricity.

The input voltage here is 3KV-18KV, which translates to higher energy electricity costs and serious safety risks.

Safety and Compatibility with Home Décor

LED neon signs hardly get hot because of the lower voltage. Hence, there is almost a zero chance of the glass breaking.

The safety risks are greater. The high voltage generates more risks, which increases the chances of breakages.  Hence, they are not suitable for home use.


The installation is a DIY task – you can easily hang or mount them on the wall.

Considering their weight and fragility, you will need the help of an installation team to get your traditional glass neon signs up.


LED Neon Flex signs are maintenance-free.

They require maintenance, which is usually determined by the placement and the climate, and only professionals can handle the maintenance.

Weight and portability

The absence of glass here means they are more portable and lightweight. So, you can use them almost everywhere, including events, party décor, bedroom décor, and signage.

They are ideal for permanent outdoor installations, due to the weight of the glass.


There is no buzzing sound or any other form of noise.

A buzzing sound is always present.


You can use them without any interference with household or business devices like TV, WiFi, and others.

They tend to interfere with infrared remote controls.


They can go as long as over 50,000 hours.

They are designed to run for about 10,000 hours.


LED flex neon signs pack a 210 Lm/m.  Hence, they are brighter than the traditional glass neon.

The brightness here is 197 Lm/m, hence the warmer light.

Classical appeal

While it is possible to recreate the vintage neon with neon LED, the result is usually slightly different.

Traditional glass neon signs offer the classical or vintage appeal, which is what some people want.


Although the final decision lies in the preferences of individuals, the comparison above shows that Neon signs made from LED Flex are better in all ramifications, except in the case of classic appeal. 


Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Neon™ Products and Production

  1. How do you make your Custom Neon™ light signs?

All our Neon Signs are handmade based on your chosen design by combining an acrylic backing and the Led Flex technique. The base materials include acrylic and PVC. We do not use mercury, neon gas, or the traditional fragile glass. 

  1. How do I attach the LED neon flex tube?

We usually include an acrylic backboard in our tubes, although this depends on your preferred design. The backboards are available in different forms, including UV printed with an image, solid color, metallic, or clear. Also, each can be cut around or contoured into the desired shape.  

  1. What are the colors available?

We offer 15 color options. Out of these 15, 10 remain colored when the sign is switched on and white when off. The other five colors are usually covered; hence, the color remains (but less bright) even when the sign is switched off. 

  1. What are the fonts available?

You can choose from our collection of over 30 fonts, including double-lined, block, and cursive fonts, among others. You will hardly find a bigger font collection in the current market. Also, if your preferred font is not listed in our collection, simply contact us, and we will work out something for you. 

  1. I cannot create my preferred sign with your custom tool

You can create neon word signs, neon light quotes, and name signs with our custom sign maker. Anything outside of these, for instance, customized open sign, neon artwork, or business logo sign, will warrant you contacting us for a unique design. Whatever your design, style, shape, and font type is, we will be delighted to make it a reality. 

  1. What powers your LED neon lights – battery or direct current?

The conventional designs require you to plug into a power socket. However, we can prepare a battery-powered design request. Our products are usually packed with a 4.9ft transparent cord, which goes directly into a US-certified AC adapter. There is also an extra 3.6ft of black cable alongside the adapter, which plugs directly into the socket. We offer a dimmer and remote control as a separate product – available at checkout.

  1. How do I wall-mount or hang my neon light?

You will be amazed at how easy it is to hang your new neon light sign. Our signs usually weigh 6-11lb, with factory-drilled holes on the acrylic backboard. Hence, it is easy to move them around and install them. 

It is a DIY process, although you will need our wall mounting or sign hanging kits to get the job done. Alternatively, you can combine a heavy-duty fishing wire, a strong rope, and heavy-duty removable hooks capable of holding 6-11lb. 

Kindly consider the above as recommendations, and also note that the installation or mounting of Custom Neon™ signs, lights, or arts is not our direct responsibility. 

  1. Do you offer an LED neon light capable of standing instead of mounting?

Yes, we offer such options. In fact, our neon lights, lamps, and sculptures are available either in a clear acrylic box or with an acrylic base that makes it possible to stand them up.

  1. What backboard options are available?

All Custom Neon™ signs are mounted on an acrylic backboard, which is usually based on your chosen design. If you prefer something different from the models we are offering, kindly notify us in due time. However, here are the top backboard options available at Custom Neon™:

  • Cut-around/contoured acrylic backing for cursive fonts
  • Rectangle acrylic backing for non-cursive fonts

For a backing different from those listed above, kindly specify your choice at checkout. Our backing acrylic is clear by default, although we can make black, gold, silver, or metallic colors available on request. Also, you can get UV printed backgrounds for photos, images, taglines, logos, and multi-color quotes, only on request. 

Feel free to get in touch with us for other specific questions and inquiries. 

  1.        Is it compulsory to get a remote/dimmer alongside my LED neon light?

There are a lot of features on our dimmer and remote, including multiple brightness settings, party modes, and off/on option. With these, you can make your light sign pulse, flicker, or flash. We clearly recommend getting the dimmer and remote, considering that it helps you to control the brightness of the LED light. Sometimes, you may need to adjust the exposure of the light to suit different occasions, for instance, wedding and photo shoots.

  1.        I found some small marks on my sign, what do these mean?

Our light signs are handmade. Hence, there are always marks on the acrylic or glue marks at points of attachment of the PVC tube to the acrylic. In most cases, the marks are hardly noticeable – you only see them when you turn on the sign.

  1.       Is it possible to use my new light sign outdoors?

Although we designed our LED neon signs to work indoors, you can choose to use them in dry outdoor conditions. Avoid exposing them to wetness because the signs are not built to be watertight. However, we can come up with special outdoor neon signs for you, on request. To do this, choose “Outdoor” while checking out for custom signs. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us with your preferences.

The waterproofing process of these special outdoor signs usually leaves visible seal marks on the signs. The signs are visible when the neon is switched off.

  1.        Do you do other types of signs?

Yes, we provide outdoor and indoor neon signs, LED neon lights, open signs, and neon business signs. These signs can be used as personalized gifts at weddings, as neon wall arts, home décor, or bar signals. Custom Neon™ also provides UV printing that even improves the neon sign appearance.

  1.       Do you offer partially-neon signs?

Yes, we do. Our UV printing services can be combined with lightweight LED neon to achieve a partially-neon sign.


Frequently Asked Questions – Shipping/Warranty/Returns

  1.        How much do I pay for shipping?

The shipping process differs according to the location of the buyer. We recommend that buyers from the United Kingdom make their orders via our UK website. There is a dedicated Australian website for Australian clients.

If you are buying from the USA, you can choose one of our three flat rate charges based on the size of your chosen sign. You will know the exact shipping costs during the checkout.

Buyers from other countries should also watch out for their shipping costs at checkout. The exact rates are set based on the city and country.

  1.       How soon do I get my order?

We deliver standard orders within 3-5 weeks, and express orders within 2-3 weeks, with shipping inclusive in each case. For express orders, always choose ‘Rush My Order’ at checkout. Note that the timeframes stated above include both the delivery and production of the sign. Always remember to select your preferred shipping option when checking out.

Also, specify your most preferred delivery date in the comments section if you are using Express delivery during checkout.

  1.       Why do I have to wait 3-5 weeks for a standard order?

Considering that all our signs at Custom Neon™ are handmade, we have factored in the production time into this timeframe. You may get your Custom Neon™ order delivered in the third week, but it will never exceed the fifth week. If you need your order delivered earlier than three weeks, kindly use the Rush My Order option, with a maximum turnaround time of three weeks.

If you are unable to receive your Express Order after the third week, we will be glad to issue a refund between our Standard and Express shipping costs.

  1.       How does your return policy work?

You may not return or seek a refund on custom-made and personalized items, except in the event of damages or defects upon arrival. You must initiate your return or refund proceedings within 28 days of purchase, and this is only applicable to products from our Store or Catalog that are unopened and in their original condition.

Furthermore, Custom Neon™ will take care of the cost of return shipping only when the sign is faulty. You are responsible for shipping costs if you ever change your mind on returning an already delivered order.

Kindly get in touch with us to initiate return proceedings. Note that store products do not include personalized wall arts, lamps, lights, and other customized signs. We do not offer returns or refunds on any customized and personalized item.

  1.       Do I get a warranty on a new sign bought from Custom Neon™?

All our indoor products come with a 1-year warranty covering electrical components on appropriate usage. Our outdoor products, on the other hand, come with a 3-month warranty, covering electricity components on proper usage.

The resolution of cases of faulty signs will always be between the buyer and Custom Neon™. Depending on the source of the fault, we will either fix, replace, or issue a refund for the product.

Is your question not answered on this page? Kindly get in touch with us right away, and we will gladly help out. We would love to hear from you.