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airmax 1 neon sign

Make sure to get yourself the best quality. Our prices are the cheapest! Often half price of other shop because we are making them ourself in our little factory.



Inspired by the iconic airmax 1 sneaker.

This Air Max 1 neon sign is made with the same grade material used by professional signage companies.
It has the same lighting effect of a real glass neon (actually it's even brighter) - but without the disadvantages: No heat or noise, operates in a low voltage and it doesn’t break!
Just hang it and plug it, no installation is required. 

It's low voltage transformer will work in any country (USA, Europe, Australia, Japan etc...)


Dimensions & Weight

66 x 35 cm / 26" x 13" 


33 x 17 cm  / 13" x 6.5"

 Our Neon Led are Low voltage (12V transformer)
 Power cord length: 150 cm (60 inches)
 Clear acrylic backing with pre-drill screw holes
 Easy to install for hanging 
 Not easy to break
 100,000 hours lifespan
 5 year warranty
 Dimmer Remote included (FREE)

⚈ Your country plug included


Colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Green and White