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Blue Moon Neon Sign - The Best Neon Sign or Bar Sign in the Industry All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Blue Moon Neon Sign for Store Beer Bar Pub Garage Room

Designed by NEON FACTORY
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Blue Moon Neon Light for your Pub

A large, eye-catching neon sign for your pub or bar that's easy to install and easy on the eyes. This is the perfect fit for a retail store, lounge, restaurant, or bar.

Acrylic, LED, PVC

Height: ~13.7x11.7 Inches (35x30 cm)

Color of neon : Ice Blue

The new COLD NEON technology makes possible to create the neon-look lamps using the flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside.

Having same effect as a real glass neon sign, LED neon is completely safe.

Touchable - low voltage (12V adapter included) allows it to be used even with kids
Non-fragile - unlike glass neon, LED technology is durable
Power cord - 2 meters long and comes with your country plug.
Up to 50 000 Hours lifetime
Indoor use only

Remote control included



What is a Blue Moon Neon Sign?

A Blue Moon Neon Sign is a neon sign with a blue moon on it. The blue moon is the most visible part of the sign and it can be seen from afar.

Blue Moon Neon Signs are typically used for restaurants and hotels but they can also be used for other events such as sporting events, festivals, or special occasions. They are usually bright, colorful, and create an impressive atmosphere with their brightness.

How do you use a Blue Moon Neon Sign?

The Blue Moon Neon Sign is a popular sign that can be used for a number of different purposes. It can be used as a sign for the entrance of your business, to attract people to your establishment and even as an attention-grabbing decoration in your home.

The Blue Moon Neon Sign is designed with the intention of attracting people’s attention. This type of sign is usually placed on the outside of the building or on the road so that it will be visible from afar.

The Blue Moon Neon Sign is made from high-quality materials and has a sleek design. The signs are available in various colors and sizes so you can choose one that best fits your needs.

What are some common uses of a Blue Moon Neon Sign?

Many people have a neon sign in their home, whether it is in the form of a Blue Moon Neon Sign or not. It is often used to decorate a bar or restaurant, but it can also be used for other purposes like advertising.


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